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My services

Here are all the things Tony can do to help your games sound incredible.

Sound Design

Having created thousands of original sound effect assets, Tony can capably design entire sonic landscapes — alone or as part of a team. His work involves field recording, foley, sampling and synthesis.

Music Composition / Arrangement

Tony has been writing music for nearly two decades, having created everything from sweeping orchestral arrangements to retro sampled wonders. He also has experience arranging existing compositions to bring new life and perspective to classic works.

a group of electronic devices sitting on top of a counter
a group of electronic devices sitting on top of a counter
turned-on gray laptop computer
turned-on gray laptop computer
Consultation / Implementation

Tony speaks the language of developers, and works easily with team members in any technical or artistic discipline. With expertise in all modern middleware and development tools including Fmod, Wwise, UE4, and Unity, you'll find Tony more than capable of providing the technical sound design expertise you seek!

Voice Direction / Casting

With years of experience providing expert direction and finding the perfect voice for the job, Tony is no stranger to the world of VO. His work has also seen him writing scripts, as well as editing, mastering, and implementing thousands of VO cues throughout his career.

Sound to Picture

Whether it's launch trailers, audio branding, or major E3 broadcasts, Tony has proven experience providing audio post production services for all of these and more. He's also worked on web series and VR TV pilots.

selective focus photo of turned-on black video camera
selective focus photo of turned-on black video camera
Reverse Engineering / Retro Sound

Retro is in, and many love being able to have audio that not only sounds like it came from a classic system, but actually does. Tony has extensive experience in both Z80 and SPC700 machine code, and has reverse engineered both software and hardware to create music for systems such as the SNES, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and Neo Geo!